Lillebaby carrier

I just attended a bloom event locally to me! It was fabulous! Tons of fun activities for my kiddos, raffles and lots of information !!

I received an awesome goodie bag full of coupons/samples and the bag is utterly adorable!

Here’s some shots of the awesome bag and goodies!

I got incredibly lucky and I scored a lillebaby carrier as well!


Baby Bandana Drool Bibs With Snaps 4 Pack for Girls Soft Absorbent Cotton Best Teething and Dribble Bib Modern Baby Gift Set in Pink/Grey/Navy by Luly Baby (Giggle)

I received this product at a heavily discounted rate to test. I was not required to write a review and am doing so under my own free will. All opinions and pictures shown are of my own. 

These are awesome bibs. They’re thick and adorable. My only complaint is that where it sits on my kiddos neck it tends to cause a pink skin issue. I recommend changing bibs often if you have a heavy drooler

Aside from that these are awesome. MAKE SURE YOU FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS. wash with vinegar to avoid fading! I washed one and it faded as I didn’t follow the instructions 😭

All in all, this is an adorable product. For the price of $13.99 for four. It’s really not a bad deal. Not a steal either however. 
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Freedom to choose pendant

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 I have the pleasure of being friends with an amazing Amazon Seller. His store is called Freedom To Choose. I have worked directly with this seller providing my feedback on his store, products etc.

 I won this pendant from him. Now I am a VERY picky jewelry person. Anyone who knows me, knows I have wicked allergies. So I avoid lots of products. I need high quality, hypoallergenic products. I don’t normally praise sellers on social media. I simply do my reviews. However, I’m so utterly impressed with this seller that I NEEDED to share. This seller is kind, respectful. But the part that really gets me? His dedication to quality. While in many of our personal discussions about his products, ways to help promote his products. I suggested less expensive items (chains that come with the pendants for example, as he recently has decided to start sending chains with every pendant purchased) his response? Totally blew me out of the water! when I had suggested sending less expensive “basic” chains with the pendants… he said “nope. He wants MORE EXPENSIVE chains to go with his pendants. His focus is ALWAYS quality. It’s amazing. Even if it means he loses money. He wants his products to make a reputation for him. He stands behind his products. And is willing to build it from the ground up. Seriously, how many people do not focus on the $$$ but the products quality? I most certainly recommend his store to ANYONE. I WILL be personally purchasing items from his store as well. & he has many new items that’ll soon be added to his collection. So please, when considering jewelry, Christmas presents, Valentine’s Day. Take a look at what my friend Hagay has to offer. I promise you, you will not be disappointed!!! Here’s his Amazon store:

Easy@Home 50 Ovulation (LH) and 20 Pregnancy (HCG) Test Strips (The Reliable Ovulation Predictor Kit Combo)


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Easy@Home 50 Ovulation (LH) and 20 Pregnancy (HCG) Test Strips (The Reliable Ovulation Predictor Kit Combo)

Easy@Home 50 Ovulation (LH) and 20 Pregnancy (HCG) Test Strips (The Reliable Ovulation Predictor Kit Combo)

I received this product free to test. I was not required to write a review. I am doing so under my own free will. All pictures and opinions expressed are my own. 

This product is simple. No bells and whistle. The instructions are color coordinated to match the product. Pink= pregnancy test. Blue=ovulation. 

Very simple. There is picture guidelines for the results. So if you have any question on your results you can always refer back. 

Overall this product was easy to use. Simple. Clear and concise. Just the way I like it! 

Water Test Kit 9-Way 100ct, Test Strips For Water, Pool, Spa, Water Purifier and Potable Water Sources, Detects, Nitrates, Nitrites, pH, Free Chlorine, Total Hardness and More, 30-Second Results

I received this product free to test. I was not required to write a review. I am doing so on my own free will. All pictures and opinions expressed are of my own. 


This products super neat. My family has lots of fish tanks and ponds so this is incredibly handy. 

It’s super simple to use. You take a strip out. Dip it into the water and hold for 30 seconds. Then compare the color of the strip to the box 

Overall it’s simple. Effective. I rate this product an A

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Supreme 5 Port USB Smart Charger By FREEWISE | Small Compact & Easily Portable | Strong Power Cable | Ideal For iPad, iPhone, Android Smartphones, Cameras, MP3 & MP4 Devices | User Manual Included

I received this product free to test. I was not required to write a review. I am doing so under my own free will. All opinions and pictures expressed are of my own. 


I love anything that makes my life easier. And this is a Grade A product. 5 different USB ports makes it easy and convenient to charge my phone, and my kids tablets all at the same time. Which also saves space! Typically I was using an extension cord in order to have enough outlets to charge everything at once. However with this product I am able to charge all of them one ONE outlet. The product does not feel cheap. It’s a breeze to set up. Plug cord into charger. Plug into wall. Plug OEM cords in. Bam. Done. It also is incredibly speedy. All my devices charge fast and consistent. It also offers protection against over surge. Which is a nice reassurance that my devices won’t blow up. 

I rate this an A. Simple. Useful. Perfect. 
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Gifts I received 

I received these gifts free to test. I was not required to review but am doing so under my own free will. All opinions expressed and pictures posted are of my own. 

First product:

Bike lights. Um…. sweet! What kid doesn’t looooove decking out their bike? Seriously my dream come true as a kiddo. We use to use cards to make the noises, we weren’t fancy like they’re now a days. 

Sadly, I have packed up my kiddos bikes for the season, where I’m from it’s basically winter already. So I cannot test them directly on a bike. However I did play around with them and read the directions. All in all, they’re pretty simple to install by the looks of it. Battery replacement seems easy as well. I would be completely over the moon with this product and rate it an A however, the pack only comes with 1 set of lights (basically one wheel only) so that’s kind of a bummer for me, as a parent things like this, I assume come in two packs seeing as a bike has two wheels. So all in all, I have to deduct points for that. Overall I’d rate this a B+ 

Second product :

Magnetic screen door. I’m a Mom to two young kiddos who literally destroy the screen on my door daily (I’ve invested in tools to be able to fix it when the screen is popped out of the spine even). This concept is incredibly neat to me. I live in an apartment complex so I’m not able to make any permanent changes. This screen has tool free installation. Which is fabulous. It uses magnets to seal shut instantly once you walk out of it. Fantastic! So no flys or bees getting in behind my babies! 

I haven’t had a chance to actually install it yet (just received and with it nearly winter it’s not ideal temps to have the screen door open) however once I do, I will update with the ease of assembling. For now I would rate this product a solid A. Concept seems great. Instructions are simple. 

Third product:

Rechargeable foamer: I’m SO excited about this product. I drink A LOT of coffee daily. So this has been on my wish list for awhile. What I love? It’s rechargeable! That means I can use it without dragging a cord with me. I can pack it for holidays as well. I have a small kitchen with very few outlets, so this is a fabulous concept for me! The downside, the mechanism used to help create the foam is a wee bit sharp. I’d be afraid to use it in my antique corelle mugs which I hold very dear to my heart. So it’ll only be used in my not so special mugs. 

The directions are pretty easy to understand as well which is always appreciated. 

Overall I’d give this product an A- only deducting for the fact I cannot use it in all my mugs. 
Fourth product: 

Premium inflatable lounger!

This was one of the most exciting things I received. It’s material is heavy duty. Which is a huge plus in my book. Two young kiddos who are rough with everything they get in contact with. Durable is a must for items in my house. Another fabulous addition to this item is that it comes in a backpack carrying case! I cannot wait to use this at the beach this summer. 

I would rate this product an A+ 

Fifth product: 

Baby fashion shoes:

These give me baby fever!!!! My youngest is two and a boy so these won’t work for him but man oh man do they make me want another baby and a baby girl at that. They are SOOOOO adorable!!! So soft. Sooooo cute!! A++

Sixth product:

Adorable boys outfit

This outfit is SO adorable! IT EVEN HAS SUSPENDERS! My sons currently sleeping else he’d be in it immediately. The fabric is soft. Doesn’t feel scratchy. I would rate it an A+

Seventh product:

Charcoal odor absorbers & air purifiers 

Yes yes & so much yes!

I looooove anything that absorbs odor & purifies the air. Again having a little two year old who’s still in diapers. ANYTHING that helps remove the stink from dirty diapers is fantastic in my book. Cannot wait to use these in their bedroom!!! Maybe even in shoes. Oh my! so excited. Rating: A++++

Eighth product:

Nursing cover: this is adorable. After opening the package I found a little carrying bag that matched the fabric. So cute! It has a hard plastic bar like in the seam. I’m assuming to help keep its shape. However where it’s bent to fold wont unbend properly. I also don’t care for the smell. It smells very strongly like cleaning solution. I’d give it a B- hoping the smell goes away after a good washing. 

Ninth product:

Screen protector for iPhone 7+

Well a screen protector is a screen protector. However everything is in a foreign language. There is no instructions anywhere that I can read. I couldn’t tell you what the wipes are for. I’d give this a D

Tenth product:

LED scarf 

Now I personally wouldn’t walk around wearing this turned on on a daily basis. But my kiddo instantly fell in love. It’s so cool! it has multiple modes. Flashing. Solid. Slowly changing. All by a click of the button. She’s madly in love with it. So we rate it an A+

Eleventh product:

Smart charging station 

I saved the best for last. This literally is the coolest thing ever. Legit made me jump up and down when I got it and it was even better then I expected when I opened it! (Plus incredibly cute!)

The back of the package sleeve (box is inside it)

Once you take the sleeve off. How stinking cute!

All nearly tucked away and organized when you open the box. 

Now are you ready for the cool part???

One it can hold TONS of devices. Personally I’ll be using it for an iPhone, two iPad mini 2’s and a google nexus 7. 

But that’s not all!


Seriously! I can’t even! We lose so many cords daily. Guess what? You can’t do that now 😂😂 sorry kiddos. No stealing Mommas cords!

And guess what! If you need more apple device cords and less android or vice versa. Just flip it over 


Gosh I can’t even! If there was a rating for higher then A+++++++++ I would rate it above and beyond the highest marks you can imagine!



Charging station: I have to downgrade this item tremendously as of currently. When i plugged in two iPad mini 2’s with the attached cords it worked great. Added my OEM cord in the back and plugged my iPhone 6s+ in it started making horrendous noises. I have emailed the seller and I am awaiting a response. Attached is a video.